• The R.O.G Movement
    Time never skips a beat though every now and then it makes a Leap. Everything in Space and nature that is not interrupted by Man flows and moves with Consistency and Perfection. God is the Master Composer He has perfect pitch, rythm,and sound. So He knows where everything goes. So the R.O.G company mission  is to sing GOD'S songs of information.
  • R.O.G Movement Defined
    The R.O.G movement company are a plethora of select musicians, dancers,singers, and other various media who are trained, tried, and true to their craft. The leader of this movement is Joe L Stanford Jr. Who has a double doctorate in life and majored in hands on experience. Joe L is a scribe and a chosen messenger gifted with the writing and musical ability to explain, and translate.
  • God's Elected
    Joe L feels that God is not Just the God of. GOD IS GOD OF ALL, such is HIS NAME, I AM THAT I AM as he explained to the early Hebrews spelled YHWH pronounced and explained in a song God told Joe L to create and give away free. Joe L says the messages he writes and sings about at this time is a chronicle of his journey of realization and acceptance of what his purpose is.
  • Answering God's call
    God gave him the task of creating the R.O.G movement knowing that Joe L was off beat in life, BUT as Joe L says in his song to be in the WILL OF GOD He used the unperfected to correct it. Noone has a better take on the problem than one who has gone through it and made it out.
  • Success Through God
    It has been made clear that God's mercy, grace and gifts placed on his life is for the purpose of experiencing, learning, documenting, and explaining the things that either hinder or draw us closer to having a relationship with Him.

The Story behind the Song (Gods Got This!!!)

          I was a grateful grace filled preacher’s kid that pretty much lived up to just about most negative stigmas. I wanted to do things my way, but God showed me real good that it's not my will, but his will. He shoved all kinds of thorns in my side, so there’s no more kicking against the pricks. I thought I was going to ride his grace to wherever place. Selling drugs, gang-banging, and having God's mercy kind of made me feel invisible knowing God was my major advantage. However, I was on Satan's playground, and boy did he lay claim to me.

          Getting away for years the enemy was setting me up big time. Too smart like most criminals, but I was one with principles using wisdom and the Holy Ghost to escape situations. So God lifted some of His grace, and then I began experiencing some real Life changing lessons. On the run for my life I had no one to call, but the man I was pretty much estranged from, my natural father, and of course God. “Never could've made it, and sometimes I think never should've made it”. So my almost three year court battle began. My father witnessed the brokenness in my spirit and was able to re-minister things I didn’t care to hear before. (Long story made short until upcoming book release)

           Every month for years I had to go to court and hear the judgment of man, and see the thirst of what they call the Prosecutor. Everyone I knew... pretty much knew I was "Out of there", But because I listened to my father's God and Apostle Stanford Sr., I began to experience the Mighty Power of God. I was completely humbled over God's fight for my Life because by then, I had given Him my soul completely. But to know that he had other plans for me other than me spending 31 years minimum with a jail ministry (which I would have still been grateful for), I was pronounced “Not Guilty!!!”  My sins were pardoned. GLORY BE TO GOD!!!!

          So in my process of transformation God dealt with me more about trusting and having Faith in him... So I wanted to chronicle my Journey of faith before entering the court room, which was critical (so I thought). I posted on Face Book "GOD IS GREAT", most people not knowing my situation thought it was nice, lol. But it was a Declaration of Faith. Now Faith is the substance of things hope for and the evidence of things not seen; and without Faith it's impossible to please God. Something I always knew. In my uncertainty I wrote one of my most Faithful songs "GOD'S GOT THIS".  2011 presented my entire family with the most trying and yet triumphant times. With the near death experience of my younger sister, it was rough!!! When she was technically pronounced brain dead and then dead, it seemed more than a family could bar. We all flew from everywhere to be by her side. My father flew in came from Africa. We all came together at one time (all four siblings and parents). Within days, we witnessed with our own eyes several miraculous reactions, and within a week the rest is His story (YHWH)! In which I am here to tell, I also want to give a shot out to all the brothers sending me letters and emails currently going through similar situations. I tell them God has mercy on whom he will, and that You can't trick God by making a deal for him to get you out of this one (though He may). But too totally “Transform For Real” is simply a better life Anyway. You will have a better outcome no matter what Judgments against you. You now have God, which is more than the whole world against you. So then "Talk to Your Father" get to know HIM, and He will give you peace at the least. Whether going in, or getting out.